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May 1, 2018


Smart and playful Border Collie in need of a home...


Meet Rocco!

Rescued just in time from a city shelter, Rocco is a remarkable dog full of playfulness, goofiness, and intelligence. He's also incredibly cuddly after bonding with someone, making him an ideal companion. Rocco thrives in a home with adults and access to a backyard. With his easy leash manners and charming personality, he's ready to join his forever family. Neutered, microchipped, and bursting with potential, this super smart Border Collie is eager to learn new tricks for tasty treats. It's important to note that Rocco has a bite history and may need some time to warm up to new people. However, with patience and understanding, he'll surely become your loyal and loving companion. If you're ready to welcome Rocco into your life, he's ready to fill your days with love and laughter.


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